Executive Committee for 2018:

President: Robert Groves
Vice President: Glen Tooth
Club Secretary: Bronwyn Vearing
Treasurer: Kellie Pound
Football Rep Head: Glen Tooth
Netball Rep Head: Molly Harper
Netball Rep Assistant: Lauren Pound
SWJF: Danny Graham
SWJN: Nickolle Cullen
Sponsorship: Carl Chirgwin
Canteen: Monica Whelan & Alison Hayes
Licensee: Adrian Hayes
Social Rep: Kaylee Ingram
Cropping: Damien Mannes & Peter Dunbar
Club Scribes: Kim Mannes & Tom Groves
Merchandise: Kylie Mannes
Game Day Secretary & Registration: Carl Chirgwin

General Committee for 2018:

Anthony Mannes, Andrew McGown, Tony Pound, Colleen Mader, Chris Hayes, Shane Mannes, Kevin Mannes, Graham O’Connell, Bob McGown, Brendan Scott, Michael Hodgson & Iain Stewart.

If you know of any players, sponsors or people to help – please contact Robert Groves on 0418 400 965 or Glen Tooth on 0428 515 907

Thanks again to Shane Mannes & Colleen Mader on seven (7) years and Iain Stewart on two (2) years of executive service to the CFNC.